The Art of Self Love

In this Episode Jen opens up about the journey of discovery to self love through a second health crises. How to integrate simple steps through a daily practice of embodied self love. The importance of a balance in truth and compassion for our imperfections. My overachievers and perfectionists (recovering, or on your way) this one is for you 🙂

Key Points  you will learn:

How Self Worth feeds Self Love

Simple Steps for a daily practice of Self Love

The balance of Truth and Compassion

Show Notes:

[01:00] Self Worth and Self Love

[04:00] Being ok with knowing putting yourself first

[06:00] Simple step for daily practices of Self Love

[11:00] The balance of truth and compassion

[14:00] “Until Now”


[00:44] “Health is not just about food”

[01:15] “She will never get better until you do”

[04:40] “Maybe there is an unhealthy relationship with the attachment to putting others first”

[07:44] “Another way to practice self love is practicing forgiveness and compassion”

[10:44] “Any step you take in a positive direction is the right step”

[11:32] “The more we show up vulnerability, the more we show others that its ok”


This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to full Medical Disclaimer Here.