The Energy of Self Worth

In this Episode Jen expands dives into the biggest energy block that shows up for most of us, the feeling of unworthiness. She shares the significance of embracing the frequency of self worth in our lives and how and where it shows up when we don’t embrace and when we do. 

Key Points  you will learn:

The Energy of Self Worth

How Unworthiness shows up in our life

What living in the energy of Self worth looks and feels like

What you will learn in the free  5 Day Energy Mastery Challenge Oct 7-11

[Show Notes:

02:30] Where patterns of unworthiness show up

[04:00] The energy of Self Worth

[11:00] The Greatest Love of all

[13:00] How we stay safe

[17:37] The frequency of knowing our Self Worth

[25:00] The 5 Day Energize + Align Energy Alignment challenge


[15:22] “The only sacred work you are here to do in life is to embrace who you are”

[16:45] “What are you not allowing yourself to receive?”

[20:43] “What we believe about ourselves is the way we give others permission to treat us”

[23:35] The frequency of self worth is like unconditional love



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The Intuitive Energy Session

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  1. It’s crazy how perfect this specific podcast was for me at this exact moment. This is precisely what I was writing to Jen about today….exactly where I am on my own journey. Jen’s intuition is amazing, and her energy exudes through her every word. This is what I need so much right now. Thank you!

  2. Meagan! Thank you so much for your comment. Many of us are working on owning our worthiness. Its been an honor to witness your journey!