The Intuitive Transformation Evolution with Sherri Divband

In this Episode Jen shares Author, Healer, and Intuitive and owner of Intuitive Wellness from Bethesda, Maryland Sherri Divand. We discus everything from how to heal your relationship  with your trauma, emotions, physical health, and live in alignment with your energetic vibration to children and animals as healers in our lives.   

Key Points  you will learn:

Key Points of Intuitive Healing

How emotions and beliefs effect our healing

How to live in alignment with the healing in your life that you want

Show Notes:

[04:00] About Sherri Divband, Healer, Author, Intuitive and her approach to Intuitive Healing

[10:26] What is intuitive healing

[13:20] Our Self Responsibility in our healing

[14:15] The Intuitive Transformation Evolution Book

[16:00] How our emotions and mindset effect our well-being

[25:15] How fear is debilitating us from moving forward in our healing

[27:00] “How to raise your vibration and attract what you want”

[35:00] The power of shifting your timeline

[38:45] Children as divine healers


[00:47]] “In order to restore balance, you must bring harmony to the soul”

[12:09] “In order to evolve, we take part in our own healing”

[17:20]] Emotions are energy trapped in our body”

[19:12] “Imagine what we can do if we combine resources “

[21:29] “Our personal healing is not just about us”

[30:32] “We are the authors of our own story, we are not by-passing our reality”



The Intuitive Energy Session

Books: “Intuitive Transformation Evolution” :


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