Your Soul Contract Decoded with Nicolas David Ngan

In this Episode Jen shares  guest speaker Nicolas David Ngan, co-founder of the Center of Conscious Ascension in the UK and best selling author of the book “Your Soul Contract Decoded”   and top ranking show on  In this episode Nicolas shares his personal path on awakening to download and publish this book. He breaks down what the soul contract his, what it holds as a blueprint for our lives, and how to take this information to live an empowered life.

Key Points  you will learn:

  • The Awakening Path
  • Your birth name as a blueprint for life
  • How to become empowered to overcome challenges, build on strengths and manifest dreams to access your life purpose.

Show Notes:

[00:30] About Nicolas David Ngan

[10:50] Nicolas’s awakening journey

[17:00] Altering course to “trusting and letting go”

[22:00] Soul Signature and  3 tools for awakening

[26:00] Surrender

[30:00] About Soul Contracts

[33:00] My personal LIVE soul contract reading (visit You Tube for Visual)

[43:00] Entering the flow of your soul purpose

[1:00:28] Here to learn trust

[1:05:00] Resources and Training


[26:00] “The surrender and receiving of divine energy to flow through”

[42:05] “Life is like a puzzle, it will unfold if we give it a chance”

[1:10:00] “Be as clear and present as possible and allow your body to guide you”



The Book “Your Soul Contract Decoded”

Main website:

Watch 4X top ranking shows on search for “nicolas david ngan”

To generate your Soul Contract Chart:

To obtain a personal reading:

Facebook: nicolas.david.ngan

Youtube: consciousascension13


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