Lives changed…

My experience with Jen was short, but so profound. She is so incredibly gifted and connected that right at the beginning of our call she could see me wholly and completely more than I could see myself, with the bonus of all the messages she shared from her Guides that were so spot on. Without sharing words or backstories, she got right to heart of it and spoke directly to my soul. Jen is so supportive and truly desires for her clients to become the wholly integrated self that she is able to see for us. I am so incredibly thankful she has graced my life with her presence, I am a better person for it. I look forward to working with her more in the future. If you are on the fence about working with her, stop resisting what your soul already knows is true.

Animal healer and Intuitive, Emma Jensen, Bend, Oregon. 


I Just want to share a deep heartfelt thank you for the divine healing session. Its been wonderful working with you through the private coaching program and I feel so supported and loved. Today’s session gently cut through emotional and vibrational blocks through time and space which was so surprising and but needed. I feel fabulous and fully capable with moving forward with my soul’s work. Thanks Girl!

Vanessa Silverman, Confidence Coach, Seeds of Encouragement & Here to Uplift

Hey girl,  I’ve been incorporating some of your recipes and habits for a little while, I didn’t exactly go all in on the cleanse during the “group” time period (I’ve never been one much for group work ) but I am ALL IN now, and holy cow!!! I feel better already!!! The weight is just falling off! I got a Blendtec blender and so smoothie prep is SOOO MUCH EASIER, and that’s been a huge help as well. I didn’t have all the right tools before. Just wanted to update you. While I haven’t been vocal on the group, I’m definitely on the train. Choo choo!!! I’m down at least 20 and feel great!

Molly Sasso, Kinney and Sasso Attorneys at Law, St. Augustine, Florida



When I decided to do a Jen Mons Cleanse/Detox, I felt pretty confident. I consider myself to be a “mostly healthy” eater. I was already an avid juicer, I had already eliminated dairy and gluten for over 6 months and have felt a big difference my daily “feel”.They way that my body reacted to the raw eating was AMAZING. I could tell into the second day that it was not only going to be what I expected, but it was going to exceed my expectations on how my body would truly react. And, entering day three, the slight appearance of a headache reminded me that the importance of proper hydration during the cleanse, and into my daily routine hereafter, is a MUST.I have more energy, a clear thought process and feel “lighter”. My workouts did not suffer in any way and I actually think they were more beneficial, since my body was fueled with the proper energy to work efficiently.I gained so much from this cleanse, recipe wise and knowledge of my own body’s needs. What I lost was lots of toxic sludge that I didn’t need and 8 pounds! I will incorporate all of these things into my routine. As everyone else, I will have those days where I want what I want. But my question will be to myself in most cases, “Is what I am choosing to eat going to feed and fuel my body or slow it down?” That is one of the things out of many that I take away from this seasonal Cleanse/Detox!! I do agree that this experience was life changing because it taught me that eating healthier did make me happier 😉 – Kim Mardis, San Marco, Ca

I am feeling so good and plenty satisfied on phase 2 that I am going to stay on that for a while. I lost 3 lbs last week and with my thyroid problem, I have not lost ANY weight in 3 years (just keep adding!!). I am having 2 bm’s a day. I normally have 1 every 2 days.  I am keeping it very basic. I drink the tonic in the morning then a green smoothie with chia or flax and hemp. kale & spinach salad with various veggies, fruits and avocado, typically chicken and pumpkin seeds on the salad. –  Jan R,  Ponte Vedra, Florida.

 2018 Update! Jen. I have lost over 60 lbs this year using your suggestions. I did your cleanse and mindfully added foods (keeping a journal) to see which ones were not for me. It was a long process and took some work, but today I feel amazing!! Thank you!!   You are amazing Jen!! I celebrate you!


 tiffany2So I have completed challenge with my Healthy Vibe Tribe. I am feeling great! I struck down a cold at its first signs, I sailed through the female cycle, I am listening to my body, getting in tune with the nutrients and I have learned so much about things I had never heard of or even tried so far. This has all been possible with MY determination, my 100% commitment, and my focus & attention. I am so thankful for the help of Jen McCarthy Mons. Thank you Jen! Thankful for THIS GROUP and the opportunity to share and discuss the ups and downs of how we were feeling as we all went through it together. I really think this program has set me on a path of transformation and mindful awareness regarding what goes in my body! So Grateful! Tiffany G, Seattle, Washington


I must say it definitely helps having this Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle Nourished Lifestyle support group! Reading everyone’s “checking in updates” has helped to keep motivated and on track and great to share ideas! Thank you so much! Shannon Clark, Atlantic Beach

I got a facial today and the lady told me my skin looks healthy, hydrated, even toned. I couldn’t believe it. That is the first time I testimionialpiccollengot a positive comment. It’s usually. “Oh boy what have you been doing girl?”. I told her about the cleanse and her reaction affirmed the success of this cleanse. Woohoo, I love this cleanse!! Coleen Quinn, New York,NY


caitlinfinalopicFinishing up the  a healthy lifestyle program today and I wanted to say “thank you” for this wonderful experience.I feel lighter, filled with calm energy, and motivated to keep up the healthy eating program. With all the yummy recipes and choices of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and clean proteins to eat, I never felt famished. I did not experience any food cravings, either, which really surprised me. The juices, smoothies, and fresh foods gave me the energy not only to work and function normally, but I had one of the best runs of my life on Friday and my yoga practice was deepened by the spiritual experience of cleansing my body. Thank you, Jenny, for the guidance. Having the Facebook group with whom to share the experience was fun, too.! – Caitlin Dull McCarthy, Stuart, FL

We greatly appreciate your words of wisdom and focus on wellness in business.  Your previous experience in the corporate world gives you perspective, and credibility when working with our teams.  Each person who has attended your workshops leaves more centered and aware.  We hope to bring you back again soon.

– Christopher Valdivia, Lead Training Specialist, GE Oil and Gas Jacksonville 


I hired Jen to walk my team at Charles Schwab through a guided meditation and provide wellness tips. She did an amazing job. My team was actually emotional when they talked about the experience after we finished. If you lead a team, I highly recommend having Jenny Join a team meeting.

Amy Fortner Heiss, Charles Schwab


Hi Jen! I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your inspiration through the program. It has been life changing! I feel so good, I don’t want to eat anything but whole foods! I have lost 7lbs. and feel full of energy! As I told you, I have tried to change certain foods in our daily routine, but it took the total elimination of all inflammatory foods to really analyze what fuel my body needs. I was eating way too much protein, grabbing processed bars for on the go meals, and continuing to consume wheat and dairy. Those obviously do not work for me!  Thank you, thank you Jen! Elizabeth Peck, Atlantic Beach

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Jen.  I am a chiropractor/certified in acupuncture practicing for 16 years now- my undergrad degree is a B.S. in Human Nutrition from Ohio State. Jen is an amazing resource who I trust for advice on health & wellness products/topics because I 
know she does very thorough research as well as truly practices what she preaches! I did her cleanse program and can attest she did a great job with it! Her program opened me up to adding a greater variety to my smoothies, helped me create meal plans, and created even more lasting healthy habits from the accountability her program created for me. Thanks Jen and keep inspiring and setting that outstanding, healthy example that you and your family so strongly represent! Dr Kelly Huber, DC Ponte Vedra, FL, 2013

The Transformation Group Coaching Program was a great way to introduce my family to clean, healthy eating. Following the Transformation Program was beyond simple. The recipes were easy to make, filling, delicious, and full of new and exciting flavors that I never would have tried otherwise. Within days of changing our eating habits, we felt great; lots of energy, sleeping better, no 3 pm or after dinner junk food cravings. I’ve tried many different “diets” and while I might have had short term success, I always felt deprived and hungry and quickly returned to my old habits. On the 28 day Transformation I was never hungry, and still managed to lose over 10 lbs in a month! This is not a diet at all, it’s a new way of living. The weekly shopping lists and meal plans made shopping and cooking so easy. I buy exactly what we need and I can cook a few days per week and have plenty of food for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and snacks. As a busy mom with three small children, having healthy, easy to prepare meals planned out each week is a huge time and money saver. Even better is knowing that I’m providing tasty, nutritious food for my family. – Stephanie G., Connecticut

I feel so blessed to have found Jen Mons at this time in my life. The time was long past due for healthy changes for my husband & myself, and her program has helped me figure out how to make those changes. Her healthy recipes are amazing, but the best part is having time with her to talk through questions and ideas about implementing the changes needed to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. So thanks Jen for being an amazing person & life and health coach!
Gratefully, Nell Willis