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Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oil Recipes




For a Sacred Spa Day

The original intent of a spa was to provide a wellness experience and promote a rejuvenating lifestyle through meditation and body treatments. Spas were generally located in secluded places that offered serenity, peace, and natural beauty, and were available only to the privileged few.

The spa model took hold with an even wider audience who wanted more accessibility to pampering. Salons began adopting spa services that ventured away from meditation and inner peace to focus primarily on beauty treatments. These treatments did not necessarily promote total wellness or the pursuit of serenity; they morphed into yet another commercial service for people to buy when it’s available, and without disrupting their daily routine.

Unfortunately, that initial purpose of the spa—inner harmony and peace—has been lost amidst its modern counterpart that emphasizes body scrubs, facials, and massages. Once again, those true spa oases are apart from the masses, available only to those who have the time and money to enjoy them.

However, none of this discounts the real benefits of modern-day “spa treatments.” Although they may not bring you to that place of serenity and calm, they can still serve as a method toward a clean and healthy body, inside and out.

Spa treatments are infinitely healthier and more beneficial if they include natural ingredients, such as sugar or herbal oils. Products that are chemically-based run the risk of adverse reactions, and can cause harm to your skin.

Spa treatments have also migrated out of the salon and into the home. They are surprisingly simple to make and apply, further increasing their accessibility and potential.

About Jen

I am Jenny Mons. I have a passion and a purpose to  create change in the world by helping you connect with your soul, feel good inside your body, and create the healthy lifestyle you want.  I work with busy professional women who feel overwhelmed, stressed out, When we discover what our Embodied Healing Self feels like, we feel empowered.  We do this by discovering the self limiting beliefs that hold us back in creating the fullfilled healthy lifestyle we want and deserve. My work creates healthy relationships to all parts of a wholistic healthy self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These healthy relationships create healthy lifestyle habits. Read More.