Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day




Gift the Gift of Health and Happiness to your loved ones this year!

Your loved one is ready for optimal health, more energy, self confidence and emotional empowerment to create change this year.


A gift certificate from Jen Mons Coaching says:

I love you enough that I want you to live a long healthy life.
I want you to feel good about yourself.
I want you to feel good in your physical body.
I want you to make the changes in your life that you want to make and I believe you can do it.
I value your quality of life.
I will join you on this health and wellness journey.
I value the quality of our life together.
You are so worth it!

Recipients will receive a code to use online for any programs or services.

Would you like a custom amount? Please contact me.

About Jen

I am Jenny Mons. I have a passion and a purpose to  create change in the world by helping you connect with your soul, feel good inside your body, and create the healthy lifestyle you want.  I work with busy professional women who feel overwhelmed, stressed out, When we discover what our Embodied Healing Self feels like, we feel empowered.  We do this by discovering the self limiting beliefs that hold us back in creating the fullfilled healthy lifestyle we want and deserve. My work creates healthy relationships to all parts of a wholistic healthy self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These healthy relationships create healthy lifestyle habits. Read More.