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Soul Mapping: Soul Contract + Human Design Package


Soul Mapping: Soul Contract + Human Design Package

$670.00 $580.00




What to expect:

What is included:

1 x 90 minute session on Soul Mapping

2 x 60 minute sesssions (Human Design + Soul Contract)

The Soul Mapping eBook

Guided Meditation

Congratulations taking the leap to dive deeper into an exploration of your soul and your truth!

As a wellness intuitive, life coach, and spiritual mentor, I know the value of our connection to our purpose as part of our well being.  I know and believe that we are born into unconditional love and that we come into this lifetime with many physical and spiritual gifts and talents.  If you are a parent or even an owner of a pet, you have seen this in your loved ones.  We just are who we are.

I have had my own personal session with the creator of the “Your Soul Contract Decoded” with Author Nicholas David Ngan. ,   

It is my honor and pleasure to share my soul sister and Embodied Healing Self Academy Co-teacher Patsy McClain, who has trained with Nicolas David in Soul Contract work and is certified to Read Human Design.  She will facilitate your Soul Mapping Package and Session with you!

This Package is included with all private coaching programs

This Package is available for the Soul Mapping Workshop and Group Coaching Programs

Are you seeking fulfillment in your life? Do you know what makes you happy? Do you make a choice each day to live in alignment with your core values? Do you want to create steps to live closer to a dream you have?
Sometimes we don’t take care of ourselves, because we have become disconnected from our purpose. We forget who we are. We forget to enjoy life, what matters most…. 
  • Discover your Core Values
  • Get Clarity on how you are living in alignment with your values through the LIFE WHEEL
  • Create Inspired Action Steps towards fulfillment and purpose
  • Create your Soul/Desire Map
  • Create SMART goals with accountability
  • All of this with intuitive guidance, coaching and support!
  • Learn your enneagram type
  • Receive your personalized soul contract
  • Receive your personalized human design
  • 1 hour session with Jen Mons for life map/core values/manifest dreams/understand soul contract/human design
  • 1 hour with Patsy to review your soul contract and human design

You will understand WHAT  you came here to do, your gifts and talents (soul contract, values, dreams)

You will understand HOW you will most effectively and effortlessly claim your power and share your gifts (Human Design)

You will get clear on what your WHY through your values and enneagram


How to prepare:

What you will need:(as it appears on your birth certificate)


Time of Birth

Place of Birth

You will receive a scheduling link to Patsy’s calendar to set up your appointment with her.

After she receives your information, she will work on your soul contract and Human Design to schedule a follow up with you

To properly complete and in depth Soul Contract and Human Design and prepare for your session is hours of work. Around 6 hours to prepare.

Please arrive at your session fully prepared and willing to listen with an open heart. Have fun and Enjoy!

You will also receive a 2 x 60 minute session with her to go over your Soul Contract and Human Design



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About Jen

I am Jenny Mons. I have a passion and a purpose to  create change in the world by helping you connect with your soul, feel good inside your body, and create the healthy lifestyle you want.  I work with busy professional women who feel overwhelmed, stressed out, When we discover what our Embodied Healing Self feels like, we feel empowered.  We do this by discovering the self limiting beliefs that hold us back in creating the fullfilled healthy lifestyle we want and deserve. My work creates healthy relationships to all parts of a wholistic healthy self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These healthy relationships create healthy lifestyle habits. Read More.