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The Healing Frequency Option 2

The Healing Frequency Option 2





Have you been craving extra support and connection during these uncertain times? I have decided to offer weekly group support calls and a closed Facebook group for exactly that. I am calling it the Healing Frequency. I created the group back in Oct 2020 and it came to me in meditation to make this easily available to everyone.

I cancelled 5 Retreats in the Month of May alone. 4 Private VIP, and 3 day at the Kashi Ashram… The good news… FRIDAYS are open and I am creating a sacred space for support.

I offer this nurturing space as place to support you as you answer the call to seek support, connection, inspiration, nurturing or uplifting support during these time. I have been hosting powerful group coaching calls through my Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Collective that I open up annual each January.

If you are feeling stuck frustrated, uncertain…. or feel like you are transitioning well and ready to expand, I have got you!

As a certified life coach, health coach, meditation, breath work teacher, licensed spiritual healer and intuitive coach, I am a variety of offerings to support your needs.

Together you may join us for journalling, gratitude, and support around vulnerabilities and uncertainty.

Because I know these uncertain times are effecting us in a variety of ways… I am allowing you to decide a sliding scale payment that works for you.

Fridays at 9 AM, May 8, 15, 22, 29. The payment is for the month and will be offered again in June with availability.


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About Jen

I am Jenny Mons. I have a passion and a purpose to  create change in the world by helping you connect with your soul, feel good inside your body, and create the healthy lifestyle you want.  I work with busy professional women who feel overwhelmed, stressed out, When we discover what our Embodied Healing Self feels like, we feel empowered.  We do this by discovering the self limiting beliefs that hold us back in creating the fullfilled healthy lifestyle we want and deserve. My work creates healthy relationships to all parts of a wholistic healthy self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  These healthy relationships create healthy lifestyle habits. Read More.