NEW IN 2019

The Empowered Energy and Wellness Group Immersion Course

Become empowered by accessing your Embodied Healing Self.

“When we learn to live in alignment with our Energy Signature,

we have more energy, healthy boundaries, a healthy body, more joy, inner peace and balance.”

– With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!

Jen Mons

3 Month Empowered Energy  & Wellbeing Group Coaching Program

There is so much power in being supported and witnessed in your transformation with community support. This exclusive 3 month program is all about Living in Energy Alignment. If you want more energy, balance, and wellbeing in your life, this program is for you. A private 1:1 jumpstart call, Weekly Group Coaching Calls, guided meditations, and e-books, self work on your Energy Signature Mapping , on how Empowered Energy Management, Intuitive Eating, , the Art of Self Devotion and Energy Alignment, and how to Step into your Purpose and Inner-peace. 

Gift Certificates

Gift the gift of health and happiness throughout the year.  Show your loved ones how much you value their health and happiness with a gift certificate!

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