Aloha! I am Jen Mons. I am a wellness intuitive with a passion and a purpose to  create change in the world by helping women to connect with your soul’s expression, and to embody the  wellbeing and fulfillment you desire in life.  When we discover what our Embodied Healing Self feels like, we feel empowered.  My work creates healthy relationships to  a wholistic healthy self, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Join me as the host of the “Embodied Healing Self” Podcast, a platform for conscious conversations around pathways to intuitive healer within you and accessing your soul’s wisdom. 


I want to know about you, what do you desire most in your life? Do you know? Or are you living day to day overwhelmed, overtired, and too busy to remember who you are or make time for your well being. Because when you know and when you live in alignment with this truth, you will live a life of fulfillment, well being and joy. Do you want balanced health, to be naturally vibrant and energized throughout the day, a sense of well being, joy, and peace about how you show up in the world?  If you are a yes, but you need a little guidance, support, confidence and empowerment to get there, you are in the right place. 



As an Professional Board Certified Coach, the service I provide is to empower you, offer guidance and support for you to achieve your health, life, and wellbeing goals. Why? Because our body is the vessel that holds our life experience in the fullness of who we are. As your coach, the experience we co-create is profoundly transformational.  It requires commitment, desire, and inspired action. I have had the pleasure of working with highly trained doctors, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and highly devoted mamas.  This experience will help you create sustainable lifestyle changes, it is not for the quick fix, diet mentality.  If you are ready and willing to take that step, I would be honored to coach, mentor, lead, empower and support you to achieving your goals so that you can show up as the best version of you in all areas of your life. 

Transformation occurs when you have the confidence to claim your power and express who you are.

This happens when we feel healthy, energized, supported, and loved.

Are you Ready?

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My wake up call . . .

My life changed drastically at 28 when I was working many long corporate hours, and the birth experience of my oldest daughter was life threatening for both her and I with a diagnosis of HELLP syndrome. This challenging experience was one of my greatest gifts.  It changed my life.  I realized I had a choice in my experience, and I chose to live fully. It was the beginning of my own re-birth. Our family was in survival mode for years, exhausting all resources in search for answers to unanswered health issues. I realized that the only thing left to do was to take a leap of faith and trust and believe in myself.  We began to heal with the right healthy foods that worked for our family’s needs, medicinal herbs, energy work,  and acupuncture, and it changed our lives.   To share this gift with the world,  I became a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,  furthering my knowledge through the International School of Detoxification and Kadan Institute of Functional Medicine to specialize in anti-inflammatory eating for health. Our  family went from chronic illness and daily prescription drugs, to a holistic approach to wellness through a simple healthy and nourishing meal plan. We claimed our life back. 

It is not just about food . . .

Here is what I know to be true. You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you are not in alignment with who you are, your soul, your spirit, that disconnection can create dis-ease. And when nourish our body properly, we become more in alignment because we feel good. 

As I grew into balancing my experience as a parent and a health coach, I  knew there was something missing.  I needed to heal or connect to the divine spirit within me and live with intention.  At the peak of eating healthy and clean, I had another health crises.  Stress and overwhelm got the best of me. Why? Because the subconscious belief that “I am only good enough when I am a high performer and do things to the best of my ability” kept me overworked and overwhelmed.  I knew the answers to my health and well being where within me, so I surrendered and became a licensed spiritual healer, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga teacher.  I  learned through another transformational experience the value of balanced living. I learned to connect with my intuitive empathic quality which brought clarity to my private coaching sessions. I attended Yoga Teacher Intensive Training in Nicaragua, to deepen my practice with meditation/Prayer and mindfulness training and often use intuitive guided meditation as a platform to allow your truth and clarity to surface for insight on how to co-create your experience. I continue to travel to co-facilitate, educate, and attend transformational retreats as an ongoing part of connecting soul sisters ready to transform their lives. 

I invite you to Let Go of Perfection!

I believe that we are worthy of living an amazing quality of life and that we are perfectly imperfect. As humans, we desire to create unity with the full potential of our being. I recognize the challenges that come with nourishing ourselves as women, and from experience I know the extreme of what can happen when we don’t.  If you feel out of balance now, let’s get to work before the breakdown. I am here to empower you to manifest change in your life now to avoid what happens when we don’t nourish ourselves. In addtiona to my knowledge and experience as a health coach, I am Spiritual & Personal Growth Coach through COR Woman and certified through the ALCA and ICF for life coaching.  I am able to use these experiences, tools, and intuition for guidance and support through your healing journey.  


  Fall in love with yourself and your life!

Join me on your journey to re-discover you!

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Short Bio:

Jen Mons, ACC, CHHC, RYT

Founder of Jen Mons Coaching, The Embodied Healing Self Podcast, Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Collective and Retreat and Lead Intuitive Life Coach Trainer Atmana Coaching Academy

Jen Mons is a Wellness Intuitive, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Coach Trainer, and Mentor. She specializes in working with ambitious women seeking  a balanced approach to more energy, confidence, and wellbeing in their lives. Her wholistic approach builds a solid foundation through balanced well being with compassionate emotional empowerment and intuitive spiritual guidance.  She is the host of the Podcast “The Embodied Healing Self”, creator of the Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Collective and Retreat. She coaches, mentors, and educates executive teams, healers, coaches, and consciously driven entrepreneurs seeking natural balanced health, more energy, self confidence, and fulfillment in their life with a blended approach in functional medicine health coaching, spiritual life coaching, meditation, mindfulness and somatic breath to  reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs and ego patterns that keep us stuck, in fear, or in dis-ease.

Extended Bio:

Jen is a  former Professional Mechanical Engineer, Federal Service Academy Graduate, USN reservist, and USCG licensed merchant marine officer,  who’s own life threatening health challenges led her down a path towards holistic healing.  She combines her training in holistic wellness, detoxification,  spiritual healing, personal growth coaching, somatic breathwork, fitness, yoga, and meditation to serve her clients needs.  She uses the talents from her former career to create a structured system and results for clients through heart centered support and intuitive guidance.  In her free time, she enjoys  yoga, dance, travel, and spending time on the ocean with her husband and two daughters surfing, windsurfing, sailing and boating.


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  • I attended college at one of the 5 Service Military Academies, The United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York.
  • I have an Unlimited Third Mate and Third Assistant Engineer US Coast Guard License, and small boat Captains and Chief Engineers license. That means I can Captain a yachts if you need one! 
  • I served in the USNR for 10 years at the rank of LCDR.
  • I bungy jumped the first ever  site in New Zealand thinking I would overcome my  fear of heights and I still do not like heights.
  • I was a windsurfing instructor in college and I love to surf, windsurf, and sail.
  • I love to travel and did a homeschool travel year with my kids in 2015. 
  • I sailed around the world on Merchant Ships as a cadet or 3rd Engineer for over 3 years and was almost always the only woman on board. 
  • I play the drums and dance to relief stress.
  • I am an essential oils geek and guru and use them daily in every way. 
  • I am a total Math Nerd. I love Math! I mean really love math! 
  • I love turtles, frogs, tigers, and dolphins.  
  • I might believe in unicorns, dragons, and mermaids.  



Today I enjoy surfing, windsurfing, dance, yoga, travel, eating healthy and most of all spending time with my family. 




Other Certifications Include:


Divine Healing Masterclass Level 1 February 2020

Atmana Intuitive Life Coaching Academy September 2019

American Life Coach Academy, ICF ACC Certified Life Coach, July 2019

Leadership Development Facilitation and Training for Personal Growth through COR 2018

RYT-200 with Radiant Life School Yoga, Chinendega, Nicaragua 2015

Level 1 Detoxification Specialist (International School of Detoxification, Port Charlotte, Fl), 2014

Licensed Spiritual Healer 2013

Essential Oils Aromatouch Therapist, DoTerra International, 2013

Fitness instructor certifications: AFAA, Dance Trance, Hot Hula, 2013

Co-Founder of Healthy Halloween Jax, 2012

American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP, 2012

Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) 2012

Bachelors of Sciences in Marine Mechanical Engineering and Nautical Science, United States Merchant Marine Academy, New York, 2000

USCG Unlimited 3rd/Mate and 3rd Assistant Engineer, 2000

USCG Chief Engineer and Captain’s 1600 Gross Ton license, 2000

USNR LCDR Navy Reserve Retired

Amazing Wife, May 2003

Rockstar Mom, March 2006 and December 2008

~Jen Mons has been recognized and published in the following media~

edible NORTHEAST FLORIDA ~ Healthy Moms Magazine ~ VOID Magazine


Healthy Halloween Jax ~ Dance Trance Health & Nutrition


Transformational Talk Radio