If you’re on this page, you may be curious about my Private Coaching Packages.  I work with clients in three ways, private, group coaching, and introductory health programs. You might be curious about the commitment and investment suggested to really step fully into a private coaching experience.  That is why I created this Transformation Roadmap Session.  It’s a snapshot of how to create a transformation roadmap to create the healthy lifestyle changes you are ready for. You’re probably wondering….

I’ve done intuitive based transformational health and life coaching with hundreds of people, and every session is an amazing transformational experience in its own unique way. Together we co-create a life changing experience based on the foundation of knowledge and experience in holistic health coaching and intuitive guidance.


What you will Learn:

  • Understand how to create goals to live your ideal life and step into that healthy transformation you desire through your core values
  • Identify patterns, blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs and transform them into inspired actions steps through emotional empowerment
  • Get clear on the Why, What and How  to create the life you want, including those healthy lifestyle habits that last
  • Create the Roadmap to get you from where you are to your desired results and live the life you dream
  • Steps for Optimal Health, More Energy, and Self Confidence in yourself to create change.


Transformation Roadmap Session Breakdown

I am guessing this might be your first Transformation Strategy  Breakthrough Session, or you have not done one in awhile. Let’s take a moment to review what to expect during our session together.  

  1. Presencing Meditation & Visualization
  2. Review Pre-session Transformation Booklet
  3. Identity Core values, Intentions, Goals
  4. Identify Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
  5. Transform Blocks, Limiting Beliefs, and Intentions into Actionable Steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

This Private Coaching Session is for you if: 

  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the idea of creating the healthy lifestyle change you desire deep down inside.
  • You have tried other programs but those repeating patterns, the inner critic, fears and limiting beliefs keep coming back
  • You have tried programs and challenges and it works for awhile but then you slip easily back into old habits
  • You know deep down that you are worth it, but it’s hard to put yourself first and commit to change

How to Prep for Our Session Together


  • Watch the Welcome Video
  • Listen to the Recorded Meditation here
  • Complete the Transformation Foundation Booklet and Health Questionnaire. 
  • Review the Session Prep booklet “Set your intention through Inspired Actions”  


Are you ready? You can book your session here


The Day of our Session

Our time together is an investment in YOU! I invite you to take the following measures to best prepare yourself for our session together.

  1. Have a nourishing meal and a comfortably full belly.
  2. Have water, a pen, your booklet and a journal with you.
  3. Be Present. Turn off all other distractions including alerts, messages, cell phone, and email.
  4. Notify your family, friends, co workers that you are committed during this time and unavailable.
  5. Come with an open heart, open mind, ready to receive all the wonder that you are worthy of.


Your Jumpstart Package Includes (value $400)

These gifts will help you jumpstart your transformation after our session together. Enjoy!

  • The 4 Day Jumpstart will teach you about nourishing the physical body.
  • Read the  “How to make it through a cleanse with ease” blog for tips to create change with ease.  
  • Enjoy the Meditation Zen guide and resource list and learn about upgrading your mindfulness practice and connection to soul/spirit integration. 
  • A copy of a Gratitude and Presence Journal to uplift your spirit. 
  • Your very own Food Diary for tracking and journaling. 



I am so honored to be on this journey with you and excited for you!!!


With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!